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Who We Are

We assist you in all the steps: Application, Admission, Housing & Visa

Gen-Z Education is the official representative of many foreign Universities located in Dubai, London, Miami, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, and other cities. Based in Morocco, our objective is to help you join Universities abroad. We act on behalf of our foreign partner Universities, therefore our assistance is 100% free of charge.

Gen-Z Education - Problems
Gen-Z Education - Solutions


  • You want to study abroad and you want to know from where and how to start?
  • You don’t know which program to study?
  • You are hesitating between US, Europe, Asia, Australia…?
  • You want to know how much will cost you to study abroad?
  • You want to know which documents you need for the Admission, visa…?
  • You want to know what should you do to get accepted in a University abroad?
  • You want to know if your English is good enough to study Abroad?
    This is why we are here for!


Our services are free and consist on:

  • Helping you choose the right program
  • Taking care of the application process
  • Providing you with all the information concerning the documents needed for the application
  • Making sure that you get your Acceptance in one or many of our Universities
  • Helping you in the payment process
  • Assisting you in getting your visa
  • Helping you find an accommodation


Our Programs

Checkout our latest programs and courses

International English Programs - Gen-Z Education


Our Universities offer English courses to prepare you for international studies at all degrees level

International Foundation - Gen-Z Education


Foundation courses prepare international students  to meet the entry requirements of all Bachelors

International Bachelors - Gen-Z Education


Our network of prestigious Universities offers more than 200 Bachelors’ programs covering all the specialties.

International Masters - Gen-Z Education


More than 200 Masters’ programs covering all the specialties +12 to 18 months work placements


We offer you a variety of programs in many countries

Gen-Z Education - Germany Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - France Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - Netherlands Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - Australia Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - New Zealand Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
New Zealand
Gen-Z Education - Switzerland Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - Italy Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - Canada Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - Spain Universities - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - USA University - Study Abroad Morocco
Gen-Z Education - Dubai, UAE University - Study Abroad Morocco
Dubai, UAE
Gen-Z Education - UK University - Study Abroad Morocco
United Kingdom

Application Process

We assist you through the whole process

  • Step 1


    You Start by contacting us to tell us about your interets : Program, Destination…

  • Step 2


    We will answer all your questions and explain to you all the steps to follow

  • Step 3


    We will tell you exactly which documents you need to send us

  • Step 4


    We will provide you with your admission

  • Step 5


    We help you with the Housing & Visa procedure

Contact Gen-Z Education Mobile

Step 1


You Start by contacting us to tell us about your interest : Program, Destination…

Orientation Gen-Z Education Mobile

Step 2


We will answer all your questions and explain to you all the steps to follow

Documents Gen-Z Education Mobile

Step 3


We will tell you exactly which documents you need to send us

Admission Process Gen-Z Education Mobile

Step 4


We will provide you with your admission

Visa & Housing Gen-Z Education Mobile

Step 5


We help you with the Housing & Visa procedure



Thank you for sharing your experience; we are proud of you!

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We help you to make the right choice

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