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License in Finance at IIHEM - Gen-Z Education

License in


License in



3 Years

6 semesters: 2 semesters per year


24 500 Dhs per Semester

49 000 Dhs per year


2 Starts per Year

You can start in September or January

Program Structure

What will you study ?

Tronc Commun

Tronc Commun

Economy, Management, General & Analytical Accounting (Comptabilité Générale et Analytique), Marketing, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science & Information Systems (Informatique et Systèmes d’Information), Language & Communication.



Financial Accouting (Comptabilité Financière), Business Finance (Finances des Entreprises), Investment Management (Gestion des Investissements), Portfolio Management (Gestion de Portefeuilles), Financial Markets (Marchés Financiers), International Finance.

Congratulations! Now that you got your License, you can :

Start Working
Start your Master 1 and 2 at IIHEM
Start your Master 1 at IIHEM and then Master 2 abroad (USA, Europe, Asia…)
Possibility to directly start your Master or Pre-Master abroad (depending on the university you will be choosing)
Start your own business

About I.I.H.E.M

IIHEM is a leading English Speaking Business School in Rabat since 1988. IIHEM offers the opportunity to study in English, in Morocco:

  • Foundation Year
  • Finance
  • Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information Systems

All IIHEM programs are accredited by the ministry of education and are equivalent to the ones offered in public universities and institutions (25 سبتمبر 2020) 1442 صفر 7 في صادر 961.18.2 رقم مرسوم

At IIHEM you can:

  • Study your License and Master programs in Morocco.
  • Or start in Morocco and transfer to other universities in US, Europe, Asia…to continue your License, Bachelor or Master.

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