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License in Marketing Communication at IIHEM - Gen-Z Education

License in


License in



3 Years

6 semesters: 2 semesters per year


24 500 Dhs per Semester

49 000 Dhs per year


2 Starts per Year

You can start in September or January

Program Structure

What will you study ?

Tronc Commun

Tronc Commun

Economy, Management, General & Analytical Accounting (Comptabilité Générale et Analytique), Marketing, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science & Information Systems (Informatique et Systèmes d’Information), Language & Communication.



Management, Social Sciences (Sciences Sociales), Finance, Computer Science & Economy (Informatique et Economie).

Congratulations! Now that you got your License, you can :

Start Working
Start your Master 1 and 2 at IIHEM
Start your Master 1 at IIHEM and then Master 2 abroad (USA, Europe, Asia…)
Possibility to directly start your Master or Pre-Master abroad (depending on the university you will be choosing)
Start your own business

About I.I.H.E.M

IIHEM is a leading English Speaking Business School in Rabat since 1988. IIHEM offers the opportunity to study in English, in Morocco:

  • Foundation Year
  • Finance
  • Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information Systems

All IIHEM programs are accredited by the ministry of education and are equivalent to the ones offered in public universities and institutions (25 سبتمبر 2020) 1442 صفر 7 في صادر 961.18.2 رقم مرسوم

At IIHEM you can:

  • Study your License and Master programs in Morocco.
  • Or start in Morocco and transfer to other universities in US, Europe, Asia…to continue your License, Bachelor or Master.

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